in EAT | 12 May 2016

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and cleansing


For the next few months, you will be a key part in the beautiful process of creating new life or perhaps you’ve recently given birth and experienced the wonders that your body can do and now you’re considering a juice cleanse. As healthy as juicing and juice cleanses are, WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM DURING PREGNANCY OR BREASTFEEDING. During a juice fast, your body is ridding itself of toxins and these toxins are released into your bloodstream. As expectant or breastfeeding mothers, this means that these toxins will also be passed on to your precious little one. Toxins that his or her tiny little body cannot handle.


Another reason we do not recommend them is because when you are pregnant or breastfeeding, your body needs about 400-600 extra calories, carbohydrates, and proteins per day to provide both you and baby with essential vitamins and nutrients. Most juice cleanses only provide about 1000 calories per day.


If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend drinking ORGANIC juice in addition to eating as healthy as possible. This could be a juice with breakfast or a juice in place of a snack. For mamas we recommend juices like “The Fix”, with its abundance of leafy greens, high in protein, folate, iron, and vitamins C and K, “The Glow”, not just for great skin but also because it’s a great source of iron, “The Pick Me Up” if you need something refreshing, “The Reset” because it is a vitamin C bomb to help you ward off the cold and ginger is good for alleviating nausea, and last but not least, Coconut water to keep you and baby hydrated!


We’d also advise you to order our smoothie “The Sh*t” without maca because maca is an adaptogen that balances hormones and during this time, your body will balance it’s hormones on its own, and that you avoid the “Pret-A-Protein” because it contains spirulina, a natural source of energy that will have baby up all night long. If you ever have any questions about our products and it’s effects on pregnancy and breastfeeding, you can always send us an email or come into our stores and ask one of our very knowledgable Juice Specialists!