in CONNECT | 15 Apr 2016

Evan Dijkstra

Evan Dijkstra The Cold Pressed Juicery


The newest addition to our team is pint-sized beauty Evan Dijkstra. This fashionable beauty is no stranger to the food and beverage industry as she’s the former owner of popular Den Haag hotspot Lapsang. In addition to spending her days with our lovely clients helping to make Amsterdam a little healthier and doing Bikram yoga, Evan is also an amazing fashion stylist. What started out as a simple interview for a school project turned into the creation of a business that helps Evan do what she enjoys doing most everyday.


Evan thought she was doing a simple interview about her and she briefly mentioned her true passion - fashion styling. Once the interview was published and requests for fashion styling started coming in, Evan knew that she had to do something so she sold her restaurant, packed up her car, and moved to Amsterdam with her twin sister Joan to pursue her passion. The universe brings people into your life for a reason and Evan is definitely one person who can tell you how true that is as she, her twin sister Joan, and the interviewer, Tami Kern, all work together running the ever-fashionable Kern & Dijkstra, a company that offers corporate styling, personal styling, and art, interior, and fashion vintage styles.

A huge supporter of sustainable fashion, Evan often works with what a client already has in their wardrobe - helping them declutter or define their personal style. Because of this, if a client needs to get rid of items in their closet, she encourages them to be green and give it to friends or family or to sell it on a website. She even helps them sell it by styling and taking the photos for the advertisements.

Evan Dijkstra The Cold Pressed Juicery


Evan is also a champion for self-care practices like taking time to destress and putting your goals on paper. Because her world can be a very busy one, Evan distresses by doing Bikram yoga, a practice that she started back when she ran the restaurant. She also believes that having that interview published in which she talked about her goals and dreams set the ball in motion for it to come to life. Evan believes that writing your goals down help your visualise them better and make them more concrete and encourages anyone with a goal or a dream to do so. For Evan, finding out who you are and being comfortable with that person is also extremely important - not just for your personal style but for your own happiness.

Q: Why did you decide to join the TCPJ team?
A: I got attracted to the shop when cycling past Willemsparkweg because of the energy. So much power. So much love. That's why everything tastes perfect. LOVE! 


Q: What's your favourite memory of working here so far?
A: My favourite memory working here was working while doing a cleanse. It was the best way to survive haha! My worst memory was cycling to the lab in Amsterdam West for my first shift in -5 degree weather and sh*tty Google Maps.


Q: What's your favourite TCPJ product?
A: Banoffee! And the Coconut water! and I've developed a gingershot addiction haha


Q: What's your favourite superfood? 
A: Ginger! The benefits are incredible and it's so refreshing and flavourful. 

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Header image by Iris Duvekot for The Next Closet. All other images courtesy of Kern Dijkstra.