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The 10 New Year's resolutions most likely to fail


Did you know only 8% of people actually achieve their new years resolutions? Don’t be a part of that horridly morbid statistic. Here's the ten most common, yet most likely to fail New Year's resolutions, and what to do instead...




Join the gym & lose weight

Stop that bad habit

Learn something new

Diet & be healthy

Get out of debt & save money

Travel more

Stress less

Limit social media

Get more organised

Fall in love




Join the gym & lose weight

Start classes you actually enjoy. Try you hand at a barre class, a Rocycle class or a dance class. Or find a gym routine you like. If you’re having fun you won’t even notice you’re working out. You won’t dread going. And the weight will fall off slowly if it’s not your main priority. Try make movement a normal part of life. Bike not tram. Walk don’t drive. Shake it up. Feel the fitness high, and then it will be something you look forward to regularly.



Stop that bad habit

Quit smoking. Stop biting your nails. Drink less. Stop swearing. We’ve said them all before, and we'll say them all again, and again. The power of our minds is huge. We make these sweeping claims about what we want to do, but the reality is often we don’t actually mean them. Think of something you really actually whole-heartedly want to achieve, then focus on doing that. Don’t beat yourself up if you slip up, instead reward yourself for any progress you make. Remember it takes between 21-66 days to break a habit, so start today. One day at a time. 


Learn something new

Reach for the moon and land on the moon. Just choose one thing you really want to learn, and plan to make it happen. Don’t be an over-achiever, just choose one. Make it specific. Very specific. And try pick something you genuinely enjoy, better yet get a friend involved. We’re much more likely to pursue something we enjoy. And of course there’s motivation in numbers.


Diet and be healthy

Choose one small change you can make to your diet that’s achievable. Be it giving up fast food or soft drinks. Or maybe the simple goal of eating more plants. Don’t make losing weight the goal, don’t obsess over calories, just try eat as clean as possible. Also see point one.


Get out of debt and save money

Well for starters, choose one or the other. Then make a practical plan. Download a budget app on your phone, and monitor all the money that is coming in and out of your bank account. Create a seperate account with cash for spending money, shopping, and travel, so if you indulge from time to time you don’t completely blow the budget. Set a reasonable target, and project how to achieve it. Then the fun part, watch the figures accumulate.


Travel to new places

So vague. Seeing the problematic pattern here? Make a concrete goal. Five countries in one year? A three month travel sabbatical across Asia? Even just to take one holiday to a place you’ve never been before. Read about places, and see what makes you heart swell with excitement. Pick that place. Book in the leave from work, start saving, and then actually do it #YOLO you only live once.


Worry less

Identify what stresses you, repeated patterns in negative situations, and then try eliminate one of them. For example, trying to fit in too much constantly. Start saying no to things. Take your time getting to places, and as you tackle one hurdle your stresses will be at least one burden less. 


Limit social media

Good luck. You could try deleting apps like Facebook off your phone, or you could just realise that gosh social media is boring and repetitive and perhaps there are a million and one better things you could be doing with your life. But if you have no intention of coming to this place, simply don’t make it a goal. There’s no point beating yourself up about something you don’t actually want to do.

Be more organised

Easy solution. Get less stuff to organise. Master a minimalist life. Less clutter and junk around us actually makes us happier and reduces stress. Embrace the words of William Morris. Only have things in your life that are "beautiful or useful". Anything else is simply junk and clutter. Get rid of it.


Fall in love

Sadly, we often only find what we’re looking for when we’re not actually looking for it. How’s that for irony? Rather than focus on love from an external source, believe the cliche - focus on loving yourself and those already in your life. This actually makes us more attractive to others. Live your life for yourself, not someone else. The reality is no one person will ever fill the lonely void inside us all. It’s something we all need to come to peace with, the idea that yes you could be alone for ever. Maybe, just maybe, then you might be in the right mind set to actually fall in love.


But don’t lose hope. Those who set resolutions are said to be ten times more likely to achieve them. That then is better than say for example, zero per cent. So pick only a couple of resolutions and make them simple and tangible. Or better yet smart.


S pecific

M easureable

A chievable

R ealistic

T angible


Good luck!